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Local Specialty in Changzhou
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  Turnip Pickles

  People who have been in Changzhou will say: “it is strange to see Changzhou people eat turnip pickles while drinking.” The real Changzhou turnip pickles use the sweet and tender solid red radish planted in Xinzha Town to the west of Changzhou as the raw material. The radish is washed, sliced, air dried and pickled with special spices.


  Sesame Candy, Cunjin Candy, Chongguan Candy & Sliced Sesame Candy, etc.

  Sesame candy, Cunjin candy, Chongguan candy and sliced sesame candy of Changzhou have a long history and special flavor. The raw material selection is very strict and the production is quite dainty. Sesame should cover the surface, and the two ends should be well closed. The sugar level should be porous but not too hard, and the candy should be crumbly but not sticky to the teeth. It is a very good present to relatives and friends. 

  Zhuze Dry-Cured Goose

  Zhuze Dry-cured goose uses the local farm’s geese as the raw material. Applying the traditional craft and the most advanced processing technology, it is produced with scientific methods. The goose products include dry-cured goose, sauced goose and brined goose, totally more than 20 types. This series of products preserve the four major characteristics of the traditional dry-cured goose, that is, “color, smell, taste and shape.” The flavor is unforgettable. 

  Bamboo Shoots

  There is an enormous area of bamboo in South Mountain of Liyang, which is the major base of winter and spring bamboo shoots. Having been peeled, the white shoots appear. No matter being sliced into blocks, strips, pieces or threads, it is always welcomed food. Besides, the dried spring shoots could be a nice dish in summer and autumn. 


  Liyang cress has good quality. People eat its stem and leaves both in meat and vegetarian dishes. With nice color, smell, taste and shape, stirring and fried cress is a fresh dish during winter and spring. It is honored as one of the uniqueness in south China.



  The chestnut planted in South Mountain of Liyang is called “Pearl Chestnut.” It is famous for its thin shell, red and bright color and sweet taste. The new chestnut before Mid-autumn Day is the best. The shell color is light yellow and is nice either eaten fresh or prepared. With the fragrance of jasmine, it is also called “Jasmine Chestnut”.



  Liyang watermelon has been well known since Qing Dynasty. By the 1950s, it had been more popular. “Sumi No.1” was brought in. With thin skin, fewer seeds, sweet pulp and rich juice, the watermelon will immediately crack once the knife edge touches the skin; therefore, it is also called “Explosive Watermelon.”



    Crabs in Changdang Lake have green backs and white bellies, strong nippers and claws. After Mid-Autumn Day, the crabs grow big with full spawn, rich roe and fine and smooth meat. The crab can be a best dish on the dining table.

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