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Famous Snacks in Changzhou
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  Steamed Stuffed Bums with Crab Meat – Net Oil Roll – Fish Soup Shaved Noodle – Sesame Cake – Heping Pan Fried Pork Stuffed Bum
  Steamed Stuffed Bums with Crab Meat
  With thin skin, rich gravy, the smell of crab and fresh stuff, and seasoned with vinegar, baby ginger, the taste could be one of Changzhou’s most unique flavors. In 1985, it was honored as Changzhou High-quality Product and ranked into “Jiangsu Snack Cookbook”. In 1990, it was listed as one of the top ten famous snacks by the Changzhou Municipal Government.
  Net Oil Roll
  With the fragrance of oil, the roll is soft and fresh, sweet but not too rich. Thus, it often appears in the family banquets in Changzhou. The cooked roll is beige with the shape of eggs. The skin is crumbly and fragrant with unforgettable taste.
  Fish Soup Shaved Noodle – Changzhou Jinling Mingdu Grand Hotel
  The fish soup shaved noodle was developed from the fish soup noodle of Dongtai County. The cooking of fish soup requires fresh carpe cooked immediately after killed. The noodle will be smooth, refreshing, soft and glutinous with the lingering taste of the soup. This snack has been presented in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong and other countries and districts and been highly praised.
  Changzhou Sesame Cake
  It is a kind of big round cake with special taste as the daily traditional food of Changzhou people. Its characteristics include the golden color, soft and crumbly skin, rich sweet stuff, delicate salty stuff, pleasant smell of scallion and rich taste.
  Pan Fried Pork Stuffed Bum – Changzhou Legend Holiday Hotel
  Rich and delicate soup in the stuff, the bottom crisp and the top fresh, bright color and great taste.
  Dried Beancurd with Gravy – Yilong Vegetarian Ham – Farmer’s Maobibi Grass Fried Pan Cake – Eight-treasure Vegetable Congee
  Dried Beancurd with Gravy


It has red-color gravy and soft taste of salt and sweet, slightly spicy and with rich smell.
  Yilong Vegetarian Ham
  It is one of the traditional special foods of Changzhou Yilong Vegetarian Restaurant. Selecting fine raw material, advanced recipe and scientific cooking process, it is made with various precious spices and natural pigments. The “ham” is fresh with good smell, soft but tenacious, delicious and refreshing. Once sliced and covered with sesame oil, it looks like the real ham. It is the best for meals and very good present to friends and relatives. In 1989, it was awarded the “Golden Tripod” prize of high-quality food by the Ministry of Commerce, and was listed as one of the top ten famous snacks of Changzhou.
  Farmer’s Maobibi Grass Pan Cake-Liyang Tianmu Lake Hotel
  It is made of flour mixed with Maobibi Grass with three-delicacies stuff. It is fried into the color of gold with good smell and crumbly.
  Eight-treasure Vegetable Congee
  It is often called “salty congee”, which was originated from the “Laba Congee” of Buddhism, as one of the variety of congees in China. With red beans and green vegetables in it, the congee has bright colors and smooth taste. All the beans and grains in the congee provide the feeling of the countryside.

  Mingdu Mattya Cake – Yuanwaiyuan Glutinous Rice Balls – Little Wonton with Crab Meat – Shortcake of Wood Frogs’ Fallopian Tube – Three-Mushroom Dumplings
  Mingdu Mattya Cake
  With the color of deep green and the fragrance of tea, it tastes sweet and glutinous. In summer, it is good for reducing the internal heat and lowering cholesterol.
  Yuanwaiyuan Glutinous Rice Balls
  Taking glutinous rice powder as the principle raw material and the mixture of vegetables and meat emulsion as the stuff, it has the characteristics of thin skin, rich stuff, fragrant and glutinous. It used to be awarded as “famous Chinese snack” and “famous Changzhou snack”.
  Little Wonton with Crab Meat
  Refreshing, smooth and fragrant.
  Shortcake of Wood Frogs’ Fallopian Tube
  With different levels, rich but not greasy with the smooth wood frogs’ fallopian tube
  Three-mushroom Dumplings
  The skin is thin and the stuff is chewy, juicy but not greasy, fragrant and nutritious.


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