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Souvenir Shops in Changzhou
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Changzhou Tourist Souvenir Exhibition & Sales Center

Add: 6-127 Laimeng Plaza Tel: 86188669


Changzhou Longcheng Tourist Souvenir Co., Ltd.

Add: 79 Changlefang, Yancheng, Wujin District    Tel: 86689491 86689490

  F1 Tower 6 Administrative Center, 1280 Feilong Blvd. Tel: 85688165

  A-117 85 Yanling W. Road Tel: 86689490


Changzhou Mingren Eco-Agricultural Products Marketing Center

Headquarter: 69 Jiajiatang, Changjiang Road,Changzhou   Tel: 86637887 86760077

Downtown Store: Tower 4 Xiaoheyan,Changzhou       Tel: 86637667

Xinbei Store: 2-57 Fuchen Plaza,Changzhou              Tel: 85150067

Hutang Store: 28 Anding M. Road, Hutang           Tel: 86305757


China Dinosaur Park Souvenir Mart

Add: China Dinosaur Park  Tel: 85605657

  6-126 Laimeng Plaza  Tel: 86809190


Rui He Tai (Century-old grocery store of Changzhou)

Add: 1 Nandajie Street       Tel: 86682858

  198 Guanghua Street Tel: 86638590


Changzhou Lifa Trading Co., Ltd.

Add: 43-49 Tower 1 Fuchen Plaza, 77 Tongjiang M. Road  Tel: 88116666



Tianmuhu Hotel Local Specialty Shopping Center

Tel: 87168018
Tel: 13813535858


Liyang Nanshan Bamboo Forest Nanshan Specialty Shop

Tel: 13813535858


Changzhou Arts & Crafts Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Add: F6 Jincheng Building, 38 Yangliu Lane         Tel: 86670771


Changzhou Comb Factory Co., Ltd.

Add: 17 Qinye Road   Tel: 86853747


Crafts Store of Changzhou Arts & Crafts Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Add: 101 Yanling W. Road Tel: 86602083


He He Xuan·Dongfang Yixuan (Bamboo Carving)

Add: Building 3 Xin’ao Jiayuan (inside Zenith Stadium)      

Tel: 86987907 86905826


Shop of Wu & Chu Farming Culture Park

Tel: 87888126


Chen Yaxian Embroidery Studio

Add: 2-2-3 Tangjiawan, Yingchun Pedestrian Street     Tel: 86604000


Di Jing Embroidery Exhibition

Add: F3 Guangdian Building, 30 Damiao Lane      Tel: 86616886


Changzhou Yanling Arts & Crafts Factory

Add: Henglin Town, Wujin District    Tel: 88781820


Bohengshun Comb Shop

Add: 28 Biji Lane  Tel: 86600141


Changzhou Diancang Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

Tower B Nandajie Business Center, 100 Gongyuan Road          Tel: 88263188

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